Weightwatchers Goal Achieved!

Well, I did it! I achieved my goal!

It has taken awhile since I started my quest for health, but I’ve lost a whole 17 pounds.  In Total!

It took a long time, over a year.  It was slow but steady.

My main reason to lose is health.  I want to stay strong as I age.  I’m 52 and want to be active into my 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and beyond.

My mother just turned 92 and is doing very well. Granted, she didn’t live as “hard” as I have, but hopefully, I’ve reversed some of the damage my stupid youth as caused.

Seriously, if you are young and doing stupid things, STOP!  Winking smile

This Sunday at the meeting I was given this:


My star!

And a little booklet giving me hints on maintenance.


I proudly put the little silver star on my keychain .


The best part: This will save me $504.00 a year.  I swear my goal was to get to goal so that I could keep going to Weightwatchers for FREE!

Once you get to goal and stay there for six weeks you are considered a lifetime member and it’s free! I love that.

Free is a good thing!  Weightwatchers is a good thing, cause there are no special things to buy. Oh trust me, they try to sell you EVERYTHING, I don’t think I have bought anything extra since I joined!  I usually walk out during the sales pitch.

But you can do this program, be on a budget, have a family and eat what everyone else eats.

My tips:

Drink Water
Eat Fruit
Eat Veggies
Don’t drink alcohol (much)

That will get you to goal!


5 thoughts on “Weightwatchers Goal Achieved!

    • Me too! So far I have been successful, it has been close, but I have done it.
      I haven’t used a credit card in almost a year!!! I have lived on my income alone. I have learned how to make that work. That is something this BK will give me! Finally, learning to live on CASH ONLY basis.

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