Two “Must Do’s” for Chicken!

You have to do these two things. If you don’t do these two things, the earth will tilt on it’s axes and I will be bummed.  Winking smile

I have been “pounding my chicken” for quite some time!  (TMI?)  Winking smile

But seriously, Do THIS!

Number One:  Only buy chicken when it is on sale for under $2.00 a pound.  Never pay full price!


The chicken goes fast and so it is very fresh!

Great Chicken

You can see that I torn this package in half, because I freeze it in packages.

That’s number one, again, buy chicken under $2.00 a pound only.

Number two:  Pound it!

You have to pound it because it helps it cook more evenly AND it makes it super juicey!  It makes it nicer looking when you cut it in strips and because… well, you can take out some frustration too.

Put the chicken in a clean grocery bag first because it will splatter and be gross all over your counter if you don’t.


Cover it up fully and pound until its about an inch or a little less thick.


Don’t beat holes in it though. Refrain!  Winking smile  It will come out beautiful!

grilled chicken

Let it rest after you cook it for a few minutes. I cut it in strips and put it on salad!


It’s wonderful!  Gracie wants some too, but she doesn’t get any!  Sorry Gracie!


There you go.  Two MUST DOs from Debtgirl!


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