PC Hardware Collage

***Edit:  Need to make a note and direct you to the Events Page.  There is an update as to the court appearance yesterday!  A big Fat Denied!***


Finished!  Don’t you hate it when you have a project that you put off and then when you do it and finally finish it, it is so satisfying?

I have been wanting to turn this mess, into a collage for.ev.er.

To start, I heated up all the stickers on the RAM to remove them. I thought the white labels would not look good.

This is a great trick to take labels and price tags off of anything!  Like Frames!  I hate it when I buy a vase or frames and there is ugly sticky price tag goo left on them, usually right in the front!

Heat them up for a couple of seconds with a blow dryer and BAM, they peel off so nicely!


Then I put together the backing.  I just used a black poster board and those designs that you see come from the insides of keyboards!

keyboard backing

Then I added my junk! This is my main piece.  I loved it when I saw it.  I used it to connect all the wiring!

green Part

See?   All done.   My kid said it looks like it could turn on and do something!


My boss loves it and put it in his office.

I also made these, I got the idea off of PInterest.  Someone made them with scrabble pieces and I had a Ah Ha moment, why not Keys?


For the dishwasher!


Helps me and my kid use only the clean load!

Okay, better get to work!  So I can make more parts!

Kidding!  I think this was a one time deal.  Unless someone wants to pay me – Ha!


11 thoughts on “PC Hardware Collage

    • Hi Patti,
      The next court appearance is April 9. The strip was DENIED. OMGosh. I had to do some detective work to find that out, because my Atty did not tell me that. I figured from what I read from the documents they the Atty forgot to file something and now has to. We shall see!!!
      See the Events page. I forgot to post and will edit and make a note! Thank you!!!!!

  1. I never thought about heating sticky price tags with a blow dryer to get them off. It seems like I have problems with sticky tags every week or two. I know that I’ll remember this idea and try it soon. Thanks for the wonderful tip!

  2. So sorry to hear about the lien strip. 😦 Getting the lien strip was one of your primary reasons for going Chapter 13, wasn’t it?

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