Driving with the Swans!

We (my kid and I) haven’t been golfing or to the range together in quite some time.  She goes with her dad and wow, it shows.  She is really improving.  13 year old girl swinging 200 yards!!!


It is a gorgeous day!

beautiful day

After we walked around the lake we decided to hit the driving range!

range mat

Move over dudes!


The Girls have arrived, pink club covers and all!


Some golfer dude even brought his own little girl, isn’t she cute!?!


Her name is Chloe and she is 12 years old.  He said she rides on the carts with him all over the country when he plays!  Wow.

After we hit some balls here, we headed over to the putting greens.


I love to putt!


Then I got distracted, see the pond?


I had to head over and take some pics of the swans for you!


So I laid down my putter and headed over!


There were four of them.


I love them.




Then we headed back home and kiddo has to work on her book report on John Lennon.

What a beautiful day in Southern California!


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