Burgers and Bands!

It’s happening!  My kid is growing up before my eyes, at the speed of light!  Tonight was a big night for her.  We visited the high school she will be attending next year for a quick Very Long orientation!

I got off an hour early and picked her up for a quick dinner at:


(While we were eating, looked what was watching us thru the windows)


Everyone that came and went just had to pet these two!


So sweet!

I love this burger joint!  I had a BOGO coupon and look at this monster.


Isn’t that insane?  We split fries and a drink and it was awesome… But… I am paying the price tonight!


Yep, that is sitting on top of my very sore tummy as I type!  I don’t do fast food well!

But we needed something fast!    Because we needed to get to the high school.  My kid was/is beyond excited!


They had a band play, dancers dance and cheerleaders!


Cute dresses for cute kids!


The cheerleaders were A.Dor.able!


It is great to see my kid grow and become a young adult.  It is also great to see her so excited about starting another chapter in her life.

This high school has one of the best golf teams in the nation for these kids and I hope she sticks with it for scholarships!

All we can do is our best as parents right?  The kids have to do the rest!

I have faith in her!

Note:  I got a letter from the trustee today.  I will tell you about it tomorrow, now I need to take some alka seltzer!  Plop Plop!


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