Lemon Cake & Poppin’ Tags!

It’s time to make some cake for grandma (and me)!  Okay, I have to admit, these days I like to keep a slice or two for us!  How much cake can grandma eat anyway right?

I started with a basic mix.  I love a cake mix.  I don’t do many things anything from scratch!


I have been craving lemon ever since I saw these cookies on the web.


They’re made from a cake mix too.  Have you tried cake mix cookies?  OmGosh, they saved me during my kids elementary years at school!  Very frugal and easy!

I decided  to make a cake today.

I got busy mixing and then I wished that I had some lemon extract to make it really lemony. I don’t have any, but I do have this combo!


Why not?

So I added some zest to the mix!


Just a pinch:


I hope this is not a terrible idea!  I have never done it before!

My oven is very finicky and it burns everything, I have to turn it up and then down.  So if the directions say bake at 350 I usually set it to about about 3 – 325.


Even though I think I’ve figured out how to work it;  I still burn and toss too much!

But this cake turned out pretty nice.


I’ve been using jam for the middle layer. It adds a little surprise.  It’s quite good.


Add the top:


Then frost.  I wish you could see how lemony yellow this is!


So here is the bad news.  The cake is 5 points without frosting:


The frosting is another 4 points!


So this with the Jam,  I would say this is about 10 points a piece!  That’s 1/12 slice!


Some decaf coffee and I cannot tell you how yummy this is. Was!  Worth the price of all those points!


Poppin’ Tags!

Yesterday I decided to go to the thrift store by my daughters school before I picked her up.  I hate to be home from work.  I get so bored!

Look what I found!


It needs to be cleaned, but it’s in perfect shape:


All the sequins and everything are nice and secure.


I might wear this to work cause I don’t have any other place to wear it.

I love me a good “come up”!

Have you heard the song Thrift Shop yet?  Oh my gosh, I love it!  The guy that does it is from the Pacific Northwest too.  What is it about us Oregonians that love a good thrift shop deal?  I actually think it stems from our upbringing about being environmentally conscious.  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it!  😉

Today, I am home doing laundry, baking and just taking it easy.  Starting to feel a little better!


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