Sage Green & Burgundy?

Yep, that’s what I thought looked good almost 10 years ago!

Sage Green & Burgundy!  Really?  I can’t believe it myself.

Movin’ on!

I don’t have the time or energy to paint my walls and even when I do get around to it, ‘I’ll get new curtains, so I thought… well, why don’t I get new curtains now, IF they are not too expensive and IF I can find ones I like.

So this morning, after Weightwatchers, (I gained a pound, thanks to this!) I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond armed with a purse full of $5.00 off and 20 % off coupons and I hope you know that you can use as many as you have AND they NEVER expire, even if they have an expiration date  – IGNORE IT!  They take all of them and use them per item and the savings really adds up!


I can’t go there very often, it’s a money pit, almost like Costco, but I was good and stuck to my guns.

And look at the difference it makes.  This is the burgundy:


This is the white:




Again, both – Really???


These look so fresh and pretty!



They go with my bed!


I cannot believe I had those for 10 years.

My kid has had her room painted a bunch of times, new and different beds, new and different bedding and I have not even changed my curtains!  LOL

Bye Bye Burgundy Ugly Curtains!


Now I can lay in my bed and look at my pretty picture, that I adore!  It takes me away!  And not be distracted by the Sage
Green and Burgundy!


And actually, my green walls don’t look so weird.


I think I am going to love this change!


The burgundy ones have ended up in this pile that is growing for our garage sale!


(Don’t mind the floor, I need to get in there and clean now!)

Oh and I have plans for the plastic bags the new curtains came in!


These are awesome storage solutions!

So, which do you like better, I dare you to say the burgundy!



5 thoughts on “Sage Green & Burgundy?

  1. I like the white better now, but would worry that it wouldn’t look good years from now. That’s probably why I gravitate towards rich creams, pinks, and greens.

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