$10.85 Break

I have had cat drama (they fight sometimes and need to be separated) and that can make for long nights.  So today, after two nights of not so good sleep, I opted to go here:


And pick up one of these bad boys!

whole pizza

And since it is so nice out…


I decided to take the kiddo and go have dinner in the park!

But guess what?  For me it was still not warm enough to sit outside!

Huh? I know!  So we enjoyed the pizza in the car:

pizza on dash 2

Crazy!  Others are enjoying the grass!


But I enjoyed the sunroof!  😉

Hey, I didn’t cook and that is always good.  So we headed home:


I put on my:


And my:


Other necessities:


Of  course, my crazy kitty!


Who is still looking for Misty so she can fight with her!  Tonight Gracie is sleeping in a Container!  Ugh, cat fights are so not fun and exhausting!

I am ready now to assume the position!  All I can say is I am so thankful tomorrow is Friday!  I am tired!


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