Oh Great Spirits

Hello, I hope your weekend is going well.  I am off to a pretty good start.  I made this list yesterday:


I can cross off a few of things!  I watered my plants and went to the library!  We didn’t ride our bikes to the library, we decided to walk around the lake instead for our exercise.  It was HOT! 

But we did go because kiddo needed to pick out a book for another report and I wanted to pick up some videos for the week.  Sometimes I watch them, sometimes I don’t but it doesn’t matter because they are FREE!

So we headed over to our local library:


I love a library!


I love to just wander up and down the isles:


I will miss books when they are all digitized. 

Today, for you, I went to the kids space so I could share it with you!  It’s so cute.


I don’t remember our library having stuffed animals, do you?  And check out this art?


I love collage!  It’s one of my favorite forms of art!

Outside the library they have a couple of fountains. this one in front:




Then we noticed this!!!  Well, Hello there!


It’s new!  I love it.  The plaque reads:  “Oh Great Spirits!”  You know we are Indian country, this is the Wild West after all!

Beautiful new addition.

Then I surprised the kiddo and whipped out a gift card:


Guess who got the good one?


She did of course, then mine made me sick cause * DUH * it has dairy and I ALWAYS FORGET!!!!

Tomorrow, I am tackling these and doing some menu planning for the next two weeks! 


Look at this mess:


Okay, now I am embarrassed!  But tomorrow it will be organized and I will have two weeks worth of meals planned out!

See you then!


4 thoughts on “Oh Great Spirits

  1. I wish my writing was as neat as yours. I hope books are here to stay even if they digitize everything. You don’t get that new book smell with a PDF file on a screen.

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