Are You The HGTV Dream Home Winner?

I was gonna post about menu planning and then I got sucked in to this.  I had to share!!!


Did you enter?  I did, like every day!

OMGosh, this is a dream home!

Could you just have your coffee in here, like every day?


I love the shadows in that room!

Or maybe coffee here, or lunch or dinner or whatever!


I love this dream home.  Some years, I’m like Meh, but not this year.  I think its gorgeous!



Now you are talking my language, check out the master:  I wouldn’t change one element!!

Cuddle in and feel like a queen!

Are these Chenille,!

How bout a little fresh air?

I want this stoneware!  Italian!

Now let’s look at my bathroom, on suite!

I can just soak this up!  Can you? Heavy sighhhhhhhh

Nice tile!

The colors are perfect!

I love the pop of blue!

Super relaxing, can’t we all just use that!

This home is surrounded by:

Oh yes, this would definitely improve my swing!

Go here for more pictures and tours!  Grab a cup of tea, sit back and dream!

The winner will be announced March 15th!

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Are You The HGTV Dream Home Winner?

  1. Since I’m a total killjoy, let me point out that anyone who wins would probably have to sell the place in order to pay the taxes.

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