My My Cherry Pie

I really like these pancakes, I make them all the time for my kid, when there are any left I get to take one to work.

My kid likes Chocolate Chips on hers, I like mine like this:


YES, exactly like this:


If you have not had pie filling on your pancakes, you haven’t lived!


Go and get one can today, get whatever kind you like, apple pie, cherry pie, whatever and drop 1/3 cup on your pancake and BAM!  The best pancake topping in the world.

Someone came by my desk today when I was eating and I couldn’t believe their reaction, it was like… Huh Wha?  You’re having pancakes?  Where did you get pancakes?  Lucky!

While I ate wolfed it, I typed this:


This is only a partial list, but it gives me something to go by.  I have to go to the store for a few things, but gonna make it until Friday!

I am out of topping, but I only buy it on sale, the rest of the time I’m a syrup and banana girl!  I like fruit on and in everything, even salad!

What’s your favorite topping?  Oh, BTW… Great in Oatmeal too!


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