“Success is when Opportunity…

and preparation meet.”

Or at least I think that’s how the saying goes!

I’m not in management…Um… YET!  But I am preparing hoping that someday there is the opportunity!

I attend all the training classes that are offered for my employer!  Today they offered two classes, one for Records Management and the other on Leave Rights.


The leave rights training session was interesting.  You cannot believe what people will do!

leave rights

It just boggles my mind!

The facility was close and pretty!


There are two forums here;I have seen many plays and events at both.  I was early so I took a couple iPhone shots.




The view is a little deceiving.  Doesn’t it look like you are in the middle of nowhere?  This is a pretty busy area!  I love how the landscape hides it!


Isn’t that a lovely shot of an old mission in the country!  LOL… NOT!

After that I finally got my car worked on!


I have been going to this garage since this car was new in 2006~


He’s got great tools!  I love his tool box!  This guy is so honest, I never feel ripped off.  He is a great guy and I am lucky to have him!


I always play with the wrenches on that magnet strip!

My car has 67,000 miles and it’s 8 years old.  I will need to have it for 5 more years, so at that rate, about 10,000 a year – I gotta keep care of it.  It’s gonna be old!!!


Side note.  I am worried.  I am starting to see some problems.  My kid is wanting to do Cheerleading in high school and everyone tells me how expensive it is.  Summer camp is starting to look expensive, her spring break trip is already paid for, but that wasn’t cheap, I might owe on taxes and this list is just building!

Deep breath!!!

Pinch Pinch Pinch!!!


4 thoughts on ““Success is when Opportunity…

  1. My kid is wanting to do Cheerleading in high school and everyone tells me how expensive it is.

    Have her babysit or do other work for part of the funds. If she really wants to do cheerleading, she won’t mind working for some of the money. (It will also give her a lot of ownership over her activities – since it’s her dime and not just her effort, she’ll take it more seriously.)

  2. I agree with Bridget. I think that it’s good for kids to have to work to get some of the money for things they really want. (My kids may not agree with me on this–but they are all adults now and everything turned out fine.)

    • I agree with you both! I was always such a hard worker as a kid. From the time I could hold a broom. I babysat, pulled weeds, PICKED WORMS, ewwww, and so much more. ME THINKS me has found an answer! Keep your fingers crossed. But if she can get this Job (volunteer) as a CIT this summer than I don’t have to pay for camp costs and those monies can go towards cheer. She has to make the team anyway and there was a gazillion girls there last night with only 16 openings. So… there are a lot of ifs.
      But I agree with you both!!!! 110%

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