Pinterest Picks 3/8/13 – Jars

Good morning and happy day off for me!  I’m off to run some errands today.

My theme today is jars.  It didn’t start out that way, but it just kind of happened and I went with it!  I hope you enjoy these ideas and new sites as well!

If I can find any containers at the thrift store, I am going to make one of these:


Terrariums remind me of the 70s!  Remember?  They were all the rage as well as macramé?

Is this next jar idea true?   Who wants to try this first?  Salad in a Jar?  I can’t wait to try it!


I hate throwing away food, it’s like throwing away CA$H!    Remember when OIAJ was so popular on the blogs a few years ago?

Now its BIAJ!

Isn’t this cute?  Birds in a Jar!


Great project for kids!

This jar project is so clever and organic.


I can see that at an outdoor wedding reception!

Same with this idea!  Lovely!


More wedding ideas:


I love weddings.  I cry bawl every time!

These jars are plain and simple:


See the one with the base, I think she made that!  Very pretty!

I actually got one of these last year for Christmas!  Not my style!


They called it a redneck wine glass!  I gave it away! It looks cute here!

Now if I did this, it would not look this elegant and simple.


Some people just have that special talent!

I will end today’s “jar” theme with these cute little Easter Ideas:


If you have any jars hanging around, now you know what to do with them!

Have a great Friday!


6 thoughts on “Pinterest Picks 3/8/13 – Jars

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