Thrift Store Route

I have specific route I take when I go to the junk stores and this is it!

Yesterday, I didn’t think I was gonna find a thing!

First stop:


I came out with nothing!

Second stop:


Again, nada!

Third stop:



Time for some of this!

I always have this in my car and squirt some in my kids hands right when I pick her up AND always when I am junkin!


Okay ready.

Fourth stop!  I gotta find something here!


Nothing!  Are you kidding me.  I got one more stop on my route!


I had to turn the open sign around when I got in there!  The lady volunteers were wondering why it was so slow!  😉

And guess what?

Score!!!  I got this pretty white frame for my room!


And… I found these!  Pretty white cotton and lace placemats with napkins:


Perfect condition for 8.00!


There are eight of each!  About .50 a piece.  Such a deal!



I’m using 4 of them for a table setting and the rest, I’m going to make a runner for my dresser.  I cannot find a white runner anywhere!


Something like that.  I haven’t decided how I am going to put it together yet.  I might use a light stitch or even some fabric glue!

I think it will be a wonderful replacement for the one I currently have and it will match my new white curtains!


Do you thrift store shop?  Do you have a route you like to go on?  It’s fun going from one to the other.

If you don’t find something at one, you are bound to find something at another, eventually!

Today I’m off to Pasadena to a woman’s writers conferenceIt is $1000.00 a table.  Can you believe it?  Yesterday I am junkin and today I’m hobnobbing!  I’ll tell you all about it, but just know, it didn’t cost me anything but the gas to go.

Life is weird!


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