Pasadena’s Festival of Women’s Authors

Wow.  Can I just say WOW!  Today was special!

This was a wonderful experience.   I am so fortunate not only to live in this beautiful state, but mostly, to have the friends that I have.

I was up and out of the house early today. It’s less than an  hour to Pasadena, but in L.A., you wanna make sure you have plenty of time on these freeways!

I had to take pictures to share with you of some of the buildings that were on my way. Pasadena has such a great vibe!


I love these structures!


I love the brick!


Something so solid and significant about a brick building.  You are not allowed to ignore it!

This collage is located on the outside of the building where this function is held.  You know how much I love collage and this is PHENOM!!


I can’t help but smile at this!!!  A big wide, silly grin!

It’s time to go inside for the conference.  The walls are filled with more art.  This is a kids exhibit.


And one hall was filled with all of these pictures of doors.  Can it be any closer to my heart?


Very Southern California!


Maybe even Italian.


I could hardly stop taking pictures in the halls!


I love the rustic  cool!

Okay, onto the actual conference.

The tablescapes were very cute and clever.  They used old books with a quill and also just put some readers on the tables.   How very WRITER LIKE!


The room filled up quickly, it was packed.


There was a nice lunch served and it was delightful!

The four authors were great.  Three fiction and one nonfiction.

First we heard from Gabrielle Pina.


Her website is:

Then we listened to Bo Caldwell.


Her bio is here:

Then the nonfiction author spoke!  Kathleen Sharp.


She has some amazing stories!

And finally:  Aimee Bender who sat down due to carrying twins!!!


I think I could relate to her the most and her style as well.

Her book is the one that I cannot wait to sink my teeth into!


Each author was very different and interesting. They spoke about their books and their process as authors.   Follow the links to learn about each one and their books in detail from their website.

I’m most interested in Aimee Benders book and cannot wait to read it.  I have to tell you later something that happened today that was just TOO WEIRD.  In a good way!

Once I got home another friend invited me to dinner!


I haven’t had sushi in awhile and it was a nice treat and a wonderful end to a very nice day!

Debtgirl needed this!


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