Fairy Tales?

Hello Hello!

It has been THE most hectic week for me and so I have neglected posting.  I haven’t had much news anyway.  Just busy with life and making my way.

Last Saturday at the Woman’s Authors Conference in Pasadena one of the speakers told us about a college level writing course she took.  One of the professors had a huge and interesting reading list.

What surprised her was that Fairy Tales were included on that list.  Then she asked the audience if they had ever heard of the Fairy Books, the orange book, the violet book, etc.  There were some nods, but I had never heard of them.

But check this out!


On the way home I stopped at a thrift store in the valley.  I had never been there before and it’s very small.  They had like the smallest selection of books I had ever seen, but they had these two books!  I had to do a double take!

This was the author she had mentioned and these two books were part of the series she was talking about!  Weird.  I had never heard of them, then one hour later, I find them in an obscure little shop in the San Fernando valley!


The books are full of short stories, cute, fun and quick to read.  So full of imagination!


Wonderful illustrations:


Have you seen these books?


I have already read a few of the shorts and I love them.


Even a splash of color occasionally.

Keep your eyes open for this series and if you have any kids, share the joy.  (They just might be on their college reading list)


I am really enjoying them.  I hope you do too!


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