1/10 The Way and Update

Oh Wow!  I’m going to be in this situation for.ev.er!

At least I don’t have to live in crappy weather AND be in this crappy situation.


Nice huh?

I love to get off my duff and hit the trail twice a day, break and lunch!


It helps relieve stress!

So here’s what is going on:

  • My daughter decided not to do cheerleading at all because I called the high school and you are not allowed to do golf and cheer.  I told her I would support her decision, and she made the right one.  Golf baby!  4 years of high school golf, and that spells scholarship!

That was wonderful news!

  • I’m getting ready to make the 6th payment in my 60 payment plan.  Wow, it is not going by fast AT ALL.

As a matter of fact, it is C R A W L I N G!

  • Next month is Confirmation, I’m nervous, I mean it was already postponed because of attorney mess up, what if the trustee is miffed?

They have been known!

  • My budget is just okay, but it is tight, and I still have a hard time saving for emergencies.

This scares me!

  • My kid is going away for 5 days over spring break!  I will miss her.

But it will be nice to have some down time.  Maybe a trip to Santa Barbara?  Just for one night!!??!! (okay, so that is why I can’t save, I get it!)

  • I am still on goal weight, and walking as much as I can.  At work, on the weekends! Daylight savings will make it nice to walk after work as well.

I will try to find the energy!

I will continue to blog my way though, I have made it this far, (ok not far enough) but I try to keep my eye on the prize.  DEBT FREE in Four and a half years!

If I didn’t go to this extreme measure, I would never get debt free!

So it’s worth it, right???


6 thoughts on “1/10 The Way and Update

  1. If I didn’t go to this extreme measure, I would never get debt free!

    So it’s worth it, right???

    If you didn’t do this, you would be spending time right now frantically believing that it would all get better, and that you can get ahead – one day. If you EVER start to regret this, just imagine the debt you would have hanging over your head if you weren’t doing this, and how long it would take to pay back.

    Cripes, I think I would do everything short of hocking an organ on the black market to get my student loans paid back in five years.

    • Its so true! I would never have gotten out from under it and now, by the time the kid finishes High School, it will be a done deal.

      You know, in a BK you don’t have to pay your student loans. You can’t discharge them, but you can stop paying them for the duration of the Chapter. I am not doing that. I am paying them as I go, almost 200.00 a month. The trustee does not look at that as an expense, so it comes out of my budget, maybe that is why its so tight.

      I cannot imagine going thru this and comeing out in 5 years with that debt still there, even worse because of incurred interest. I am doing all I can to keep it up!

      Student loans are rediculous in the United States!

  2. Not that you would want to leave BK with your loans, but if you need another $200 on a month – car repair, sickness, etc. – you do have that option.

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