Easy Sunday


How was your weekend?  Mine started out like this:


Being completely ignored.

So up I got and made up some pancakes for the kiddo and the leftovers will be for the rest of the week.


Then I noticed some biscuits in the fridge that needed to be baked up:


They came out perfect!


I was on a roll.  (no pun intended) Next I cooked up some chicken for dinners and salads!


I use this Montreal Chicken Seasoning?  Have you tried it?


It’s really good!


Not sure I am loving the “sulfiting agents”.

Then I pulled a polska kielbasa out of the freezer as well for this week.  I’ll cut this into fourths and it’ll get grilled up on the stove.  I love the grill pan!


I feel like I have a great head start on this weeks meals.

When I was out and about today, I picked up some of this tape:


I’m going to use this to make runners for my bedroom with this thrift store find!  I’m excited!

And finally, I opened with a picture of the girls ignoring me and I thought I would close with this picture.  This is Gracie getting her beauty sleep:


“Can somebody just turn off the lights already?”

G’night Gracie!  I love my fur babies!


3 thoughts on “Easy Sunday

  1. Long, hard Saturday, followed by a long Sunday. I’m so tired right now and need a break from my week. 🙂

    My kitty wakes me up in the morning to let me know how loved I am. Well, actually, he wants attention, and I’m the person designated to give him attention, but it’s nice to pretend that the 6:30 am wake-up MEOOOOWWW is based on actual affection.

    • I hope you get that much needed break but your babies are not going to give it to you! They just don’t know the difference from monday or saturday morning, darn it!! I am so glad you have a kitty!

      • He’s my grandfather’s kitty – my grandmother passed away in the late ’90s, so we (my mother and I) got a cat for my grandfather. We figured that a furball would be good company for a widower with no desire to remarry.

        As part of that, I promised to take the kitty if the feline outlived my grandfather. My furry bequest makes me happy every day, but also lets me know that life was much better with a retired gentleman who didn’t run off to work. 🙂

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