All Tied Up!

Monday UGH Monday!

If there is a day of the week that is not my fav, it has got to be Monday.  It’s such a weird day.  You spend time over the weekend getting ready for it, but for some reason, it still feels rushed to me.  Why?

When I was out and about this weekend I picked up a couple of ties.  Yep, Grandpa ties!  I have been wanting to do this look for a long time!  I got them at the thrift store.  Poppin tags!


What do you think?  I learned how to tie them from a video on YouTube!


If you were sitting across from this tie in a boardroom wouldn’t you be intimidated?  LOL  Not that I want to intimidate anyone, its just that I have always loved this look!

Well, I didn’t want to be all tied up cooking dinner so I came home and cut up the sausage that I took out of the freezer yesterday and put it in the grill pan!


It’s done in about 5 minutes:


While that is cooking I made up some mashed potato.  These take 4 minutes.  I nuked them!


Check it out:


In the meantime, I threw some frozen veggies in a pot on the stove and when it was all done.

I zapped a couple biscuits from yesterday and dinner was on the table in less than 10 minutes!


Now that is a fast, easy dinner for a Monday night!  Not the most glamorous, but hey!

Have a great evening!  Um.. for a Monday!


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