Tired! The Rubber Kind! Again!

Remember this tire incident:

Well, it happened again…on the other side!

I was taking my kid to school and WHAM, POP, POW!

I got a flat, right on an overpass, I thought I ran over a box or something.

Thank goodness it didn’t happen on the freeway.

So with help of a good Samaritan and Triple A, I got on the spare:


Hobbled back to the Tire Man:


Remember this guy?  He’s becoming quite a regular on Sixty Payments.


Matter of fact, I feel like I should start an auto pay!


Well, it is what it is.  You gotta have tires!  I got the cheapest they had!

In other news.

Kiddo is flying (by herself for the first time) out of state for Spring Break.  She’s leaving on Friday.  So… I’m going up to Santa Barbara, compliments of my friends Rewards Points, to stay one night in a super nice hotel on the beach.  OMGosh, I’m looking forward!

I can’t wait to share the pics of Santa Barbara.  But check it.  I am going up early on Saturday, we have mapped out some Thrift Stores.  NOT ANTIQUE STORES.  Honest to goodness Junk Stores!  😉

That should be so much fun!  I need a break from all this!

That is about all the vacation I can afford these days.  I paid for my kids and now… well, that is what it is too!


4 thoughts on “Tired! The Rubber Kind! Again!

  1. Car disasters are horrible – even if they aren’t expensive, it’s more than you want to pay and it’s unexpected and you freak out that you’ll have to pay more.

    (I spent yesterday getting my car fixed after the “check engine” light turned on and wouldn’t turn off. Thankfully, it was $100, but I was panicking that I would need a new engine, or transmission, or a new car. Or something. Sigh.)

    • Hi Bridget, sometimes the check engine light comes on when the gas cap isn’t tight! I hope you check that too! It is always something! Look at todays post! OMGosh! What next?

      • The light would go on, then go off again. Finally, it was “on”, and the car was acting up – accelerating badly, shifting awkwardly between gears, etc. Turns out that the throttle was all gunked up, and a few hoses needed tightening. Drives like new now, which is great for a beast with 148,000 miles on it. 🙂

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