Bright Future? Right!

Hello, Hello!

I got a call from my Tax Man and he told me he “thinks” that I owe about $1000.00.  It’s better than this amount.

Now… let me tell you why this makes me nervous, a little history.


A few years ago, this same tax man did my taxes every year.  But one year I decided to do my own.


I came up with an amount for a return, but I wasn’t sure, so I took it to him.  He was able to get me back $600.00 more on my refund than I had calculated.


Cool right?  So I paid him his fee, got my refund and went about my business.

During the middle of the next year,  I got a bill from the IRS, guess how much?  Yep, $600.00!  So I called the tax guy and he reimbursed me the $30.00 that it cost me, (charges from the IRS),   I paid the IRS the $600.00.


So you wonder why I went back to the same tax guy?  So do I!  I guess because I kind of know him and I was under the gun last week when I did my own and found out how much I owe.

He is charging me $160.00 for prepare fee.


Tomorrow I am calling my lawyer to see if I can eFile?  How do I pay the money to the trustee from the refund from the state? –  which I was very close when I did my own calculations BTW.

Am I nervous that he   F…d  messed up my taxes?  Yeah.  But I will try to keep some money in reserves in case I get a bill!

I just want this year and this mess behind me!


As a matter of fact, I want to fall asleep and wake up in five years!!!!

Will it ever end?

Who’s brilliant idea was this Chapter 13 anyway?


5 thoughts on “Bright Future? Right!

  1. When I asked the lawyer if I was actually going to see my 300.00 refund or was the trustee just going to run off with it…he said that money was mine and the trustee had no rights to it. I assume each state is different?
    Patti In CO

  2. Patti: it also depends on whether you are doing a Ch. 7, 11, or 13.

    DebtGirl: um, because in less than four and a half years, it will ALL be worth it? Because you’ll have wiped the slate clean and can go into your late middle age without this hanging over your head?

    • YES! Bridget you are right. That is one of the main reasons I decided to go with this type of BK. (Patti, yes I have to hand it over to the trustee every year!).

      Today I took at look at an old budget, I can see why I was getting further and further in debt. I was robbing Peter to barely pay Paul.
      I had no choice. I never want another credit card again. Interest kills ya.
      I had no way to go into my “golden years” and survive.

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