My Baby Is Back!

What a relief!

Today my baby got home, we stood on the patio and hugged and cried.  What a couple of dorks.  You would swear she was gone a year, not 5 days!

It’s just a major relief!!  She flew AlONE!

And today, I confirmed with tax guy that I owe $1000.00 AND his price went up to $170.00 from $160.00 since yesterday. 

MmKAY, next year I’m back to doing it myself, its just that this year was hard!  Next year will should be easy.

I just hope I don’t get a tax bill in the middle of the year, as in, what if he didn’t do it right?


So I keep getting outside and hiking on my breaks as much as I can!

Hey, it’s FREE!  And it does help me destress!


Not much else is going on so I thought I would capture this from my phone and share!


Positive affirmations are always good right!?!

Do you know who Louis Hay is?  She is awesome!

(She has an app for that!)

Hope all is well with you!


2 thoughts on “My Baby Is Back!

  1. I wish I could go hiking year-round – or swimming, or whatever else you crazy kids do out there in California.

    • Yeah, I gotta admit, it is pretty nice weather here. Today was a bit warm, but I made myself go up the mountain at lunch and I got a surprise Snake visit. At least the rattlers aren’t out yet! Scary though!

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