Really Easy Lunch


The other day I was at the grocery buying some… well, groceries and I picked up a few of these box lunches:


You have probably had these.  They cost $1.00!!!  ONE DOLLAR!

Pair it with a salad:


And you have a really good, fast lunch!


I know they are loaded with salt, so I just sprinkle some added pepper.  Also, I can buy a whole box of pasta for a buck, so hmmm…. but it is quick and easy to have in the freezer.

For only 7 points for the pasta and 2 or 3 (dressing) for the salad, its not too bad!

7 points

There it is, my big blog today!  But I haven’t been eating the greatest, so I am trying to get back on track.  Easily!

I’ll offer another positive thought.  I think I’ll do this (when I remember to) when the content is a little Meh!

Hay Saying

I can’t wait to post tomorrow, I love the Pinterest picks!!  And it will be Friday!!!! YAY that!

Have a wonderful day!


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