Bunny Cake and Quick Cold Pasta Salad

I invited my daughters daddy and grandmother to come over today for burgers!  I also have a surprise for grandma!


The Cadillac of walkers!  I gave her one of the big silver ones, but this baby folds up, has a little basket and hand breaks!  I hope she likes it and will use it.  She is 82 and battling cancer right now, so the meds are making her even weaker!  This was given to me from some friends and what a wonderful gift it is!

We ran some errands and then came home today and my kid decorated a bunny for Grandma and Daddy’s visit today!

Start with two rounds:

twocake rounds

Put them on a large surface.  I used foil to cover the bread board and then cut out the ears and the bow tie from one of them and put it together.  How easy is that!?


Okay, so the bow tie isn’t best, but you get the idea.  Frosting a cut cake is not easy, so we just did the best we could.  I decided to not frost all the sides.  This cake was so fudgy it just did not want to be frosted.  Ha Ha bunny, I win!


The kiddo went to town with the malted jelly beans and some icing that I had on hand.


I think it turned out pretty cute!

Since we are having burgers, I decided to make up some cold pasta salad.  Grandma loves it and I think it is easy for her to eat, plus she gets to take it home with her.

The best part about this salad is that you can put whatever you have on hand in it.  I just have the following:


So I cut up the onion and the left over asparagus and drained the canned tomatoes and artichokes.

I added it to this tri-color pasta that I got from the .99 cent store:


Seriously, use whatever kind of pasta you have on hand!  Left over veggies, meat, cheese, whatever, just put it in there.  It all works!


I toss together with some salt and pepper and even a pinch of garlic salt  I didn’t use too much of the balsamic because maybe not everyone likes it, so mostly Italian dressing.  It should be really good once it chills!

So there ya go, two really quick, easy and inexpensive things to put together!

Good news! Daughter got the CIT (councilor in training) Volunteer position for the whole summer! I am so happy. There is no way I want her hanging at home doing nothing and there is no way I can afford Boys & Girls club. She is thrilled too.  One less thing to worry about!

See  you tomorrow!

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