Save $1378.00.00 by next Easter!

I am SO doing this Today!  I found this GREAT idea here.

Do you want to join me?

Just start with $1.00 the first week, $2.00 the second week and so forth and so on!  Someone else went backwards and started with $52.00  the first week.  That would be fun too.

I am starting today.  I will share my jar with you next week when I put in $2.00!


Join me?

Hoppy Easter!

p.s. I knew there was a reason I love jars!


7 thoughts on “Save $1378.00.00 by next Easter!

  1. I do this but the Yahtzee way. If I have a little more left to save in a week. I mark that week off. I really can’t see myself saving $52 right after the holidays. My plan is to hit the high dollar weeks during this slow part of the year. Good luck!

    • Hi Steph, thanks for popping by! I think you are on to something there, I am going to make my chart and mark off what I can and put more in as I can as well! It’s really cool idea!

  2. Good idea! My sister is getting married next year and I was thinking of putting $5 or $10 a week towards plane tickets, dress, presents, and such.

    • Isn’t this just great! I hope you can find the chart and get started when you can. I wish I had started this for Christmas! Oh well, its an awesome way to do it! Congrats to your sister!

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