Bunnies & Batteries

Hello Again!

I want to share with you what happened today after I got out and about.  I didn’t get far!


Yep, that is a Triple A Truck!

I got up and decided I better drag myself to Weight Watchers!  However, the car decided it didn’t want to go!


I called Triple A (again)!  Didn’t I do this once already this month when I got a flat?  Felix (we are on a first name basis now)  showed up with cables and a whole pickup full of batteries.


So… I paid approx. $130.00 for a new battery.  It comes with a 3 year warranty, then a prorated cost after that for a new one.  Its very similar to what I paid at the shop last time!

Another unexpected expense!  We know this is gonna happen right, its just a matter of when and there is never a good time.

But it is Easter and even though my kid is almost 14, I still give her a basket.    I probably will for as long as she lives with me!


She has used this basket, Thumper, from the Disney movie Bambi since she was two.  Its a tradition to use this same one.  I just love it.  I got her way too much candy this year.  Usually, I don’t.  I guess it was just cheapest.  But I did get her a special gift while I was in Santa Barbara as well.


The artist wanted $50.00 I offered $30.00 and he settled on $35.00.  I had this white frame at home and so it turned out really nice. A signed, original!

She gave me my own original card that she drew up as well.


I hope your Easter weekend was nice and I can’t wait to show you what I cooked up today!

Bridget you are right!


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