Lentil Tacos to die For!

Not long ago, one of my fav reader’s posted a recipe to make these tacos.   I checked it out and could not wait for the day to try to make these vegetarian tacos myself.


Now, I kind of made up my own rules because, well, I’m just a rebel like that!

Here is a picture of the website recipe. (sorry for the flash).   Please go there and print it out for a better look.  She has great directions and pictures too.


These are my onhand ingredients.


I used only what I have and I have a bunch of taco seasoning, so I just used 1/4 cup of that instead of the dry seasonings. It worked great!

Also I used 2 cups of lentils and more broth.  I just wanted to make up the whole bag and yes, I have lots of leftovers to freeze!  Cook once, eat lots – type of thing.


So follow the basic instructions on her site and you will be fine.

I chopped up onion and garlic and tossed it in a pan with olive oil until soft.


Then I threw in the lentils for a couple of minutes (like the recipe suggests).

Oh… don’t forget the seasoning.


Then I poured in the broth.


Then covered and let simmer for around 30 minutes, plus a few for good measure.

Then toss in the salsa:


And let it go.  Uncovered, until thick.  Watch it.  How easy is that!

Can I just say that I didn’t think my kid would like this.  But JIC, I put out as many condiments and toppings as I could find.


And we went to town!


CRaZy good.  I just kept piling it on.  (Shhh, I am not supposed to have dairy, don’t tell)!


More please!


Come to momma!


Okay, here is the embarrassing part!  We both had THREE!

Three each.

Today, I took a half cup with some chips for lunch as a dip.  It was awesome cold.

Make this.

Not only is it healthy, it is really inexpensive.  I got my lentils at the .99 cent store!

This recipe and others like it will help me get thru this Chapter 13 and I thank you Bridget for sharing with us!

Fast, easy, cheap and healthy!

And my kid loves it!


8 thoughts on “Lentil Tacos to die For!

  1. Looks yummy! I love lentils everything. My BF hates them so we don’t eat them as often as I’d like, they are so cheap and filling, a perfect dish.

  2. I didn’t even know they made taco season mix, that’s pretty cool. I heard some people soak their lentils in cold water over night before cooking because it’s suppose to be healthier. Not sure if that’s true though. Great looking recipe as always 😀

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