A Little Extra – Maybe


A coworker at work always brings me her PCs to work on when she has issues.  I scratched out always because sometimes she takes it someplace else first and then to me to fix! Usually, the problem is much bigger. 


After some work, head scratching yesterday, I determined her hard drive was toast,  She took the old one to Fryes last night (so she could show them what she needed) and she brought me the new one today!


Now it is put back together and not in pieces on my floor!


After I took care of the hardware, it was time to reinstall.  Ugh. 


How sick of that screen I am.  At work when I get a GaZillian pc’s in, I use Windows Deployment Server.  It’s free and it is much better than Ghost, IMHO… but what do I know?  Anyway, I have to install one pc with everything, then I image it and shoot it out to the rest.  NICE!  It’s these single installs that annoy me!

After I installed the OS, time for drivers and lucky me, she didn’t have the original disk, (keep those original disks!), so I had to update from HP.  Actually, Windows 7 rocks in that it really did most of that work for me.


Then I loaded the apps and she is on her way.

There wasn’t any real important data on the old drive, but she has it  JIC.  She just needs this baby to get her taxes done!

The “extra” money will go towards my 52 Week Savings Challenge!

I had so much extra  to pay out the last few weeks!

  • New tire >100.00
  • New battery >100.00
  • Drivers license renew
  • Tags and Registration renew >100.00
  • Tax Preparer Fee >100.00

Seems like there was more. Wonder what I am missing!  Oh yeah, how about the 1000.00 the IRS will get this month!

But I am very nervous that I am not going to be able to Yahtzee the largest weekly payment!  I hope I can!

As of this post, I am not sure what she will offer, but I usually let her decide.  She is 64 years old and getting ready to retire with a stay at home husband that milks her for all she’s got and I just don’t even like taking any! 

But… I should!  Right?

You know, looking at all that money that is going out, can I just say I think my frugalness is really paying off and that I had most of that available in savings AND left over grocery money!

I am learning!


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