Getting My White On

Today, I got up early so that I could get busy on my bedroom, for a change.  I usually pay attention to the rest of the house, my room gets NONE!  

I had a few things I wanted to do, vacuum, dust, wash all the bedding and finally get the white runners put out. 

Remember these:  I bought them at the thrift store a few weeks ago.  I was going to tack them or glue them into a long runner.


I decided not to.  I think it’ll be easier to clean them if they are left the way they are.  They look good right?



I added the frame I bought as well at the thrift store and all my other things. 


Later, I put in a picture of my daughter when she was just starting to crawl. Oh that brings so much joy now to see it!


Notice the bracelet holders?  They are soon to be painted white! 


I also used a napkin for my  night table:


I have a lot of stuff on it, but I think it looks pretty!


I love this cozy look.


So now my runners are white to match my curtains and my bedding!


And of course, Gracie has to climb up!


Ok, so I don’t iron much!  Still, I think it all came together well.  I have to paint the whole room someday.  All in good time.

This little corner doesn’t look so good.  Kind of sad!


The stool is going to be reupholstered when I find the fabric and the time! For now, a white towel will do!  (Who’s ugly knee is that?)


We were busy today. We also got some other projects done!

When I was in Santa Barbara I bought a bunch of silk hydrangeas, all for $6.00.  At Michaels, one stem cost about $5.00!  I also bought a wreath when I was out and about yesterday, $1.99,  because I wanted to make a hydrangea wreath.  I saw the idea on Pinterest,  but then I got another idea.


So I gathered up all the stuff and decided to use the tin you see here for the hydrangeas!  (I am not using the pinecones for anything, they are left over from fall.)


This turned out pretty!


For the wreath, I used the silk flowers from the same thrift store I bought the wreath.


It turned out pretty cute too!  Time to replace the lamp, but it still works!  Again, someday.  Maybe in five years!  😉

My daughter helped me and we had some inexpensive fun and made some springtime bouquets!

I just have to do one small thing at a time, and every cent counts.  As you can see, I am a big spender!  LOL!

For now, my room  is dust free, clean, light and airy!

And it cost pennies on the dollar!


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