Quiet Sunday Update

Helllo, hello!

Today has been completely uneventful. 

I made it to Weightwatchers, unlike last Sunday when I had to deal with a dead battery. 

I went after battery was repaired, only to find it closed for Easter.  Awesome.


I’m happy to say that I am still at goal.  I just need to go every single Sunday so that I can stop making that payment!  You have to stay at goal six weeks in a row, I am almost there, but I keep missing meetings.  Not smart!

After weightwatchers, I went on my “lake walk”. I just don’t get tired of this walk!  It’s flat and sometimes I get to peek at the lake.


In other news, I’m on track and with the 52 Week Challenge.  I put in the largest amount, $52.00 and that is kind of nice!  I’ll try to work my way backwards, so it’s not so painful.  Have you started?  I think its gonna be hard to keep my fingers out of it at Christmas time. 


This envelope is working out great!  Easy to hide away.


In other Chapter 13 news, the Lien Strip is on Tuesday morning, day after tomorrow!  I think after this, I start making my payment directly to the trustee instead of the law office. 

I think it will feel more REAL when that happens.  More scary.

I also hope that there is no change in the payment that I’m currently making.  There was talk of a Step Program, in the beginning, but it was just brought up in conversation.  Let’s hope it was never solidified on paper.

Have a great rest of your day!


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