Rant, Scared, Freaking

Okay, so tomorrow is the lien strip and about 4:30 today I read an email from my law office that they want my 2012 tax returns. 


Hello!  I am at work, getting ready to go get my kid, not gonna happen tonight.  I have to be to work at 7:30  and my case is on the docket for 8:30 so how is that going to work?


Guess they are not gonna get the tax returns. 


But why do they want them now?  What have they got to do with the lien strip.  They have the appraisal and all the other paperwork, pertaining to that, so what do my new taxes have to do with anything going on tomorrow.


I think the trustee is trying to jack up my payment?  Am I being paranoid?   She is a hard ass from what I can tell. 


What is the worst case scenario?

Okay, lets just say they jack up the payment to an unreasonable amount.  So now I have to do a Chapter 7.  That means I am in arrears on my second.  So they discharge the unsecured in a 7 and I have my second sitting out there. 

Will they then foreclose on me, there is probably no way I can catch up very quickly.  Will they work with me?

I am a little on edge tonight!!!???!!!!


8 thoughts on “Rant, Scared, Freaking

  1. Believe it or not a chap. 7 is the better way to go. I had way more debt than you did plus 2 houses with 2 loans each on them and 2 brand new cars.. yes i was living wayyyy above my means but my lawyer was able to let me keep my main house and both cars and get them showing as paying as agreed on my credit reports to start building credit again. A chap. 13 is only good if you make like 200k a year. At least with chap. 7 you don’t have to worry with all the mess either. And it’s quick and over.

    • I don’t know if it only works for 200K plus, but it seemed a good idea to get rid of the second but keep my condo! Keep your fingers crossed for me! And congrats on your successful BK! I hope you feel relief! I sure need some!

  2. Hope it all works out! We were totally advised against a CH 13 too and I’m so glad we didn’t go that way. Like our attorney said – go through it and be done with it – don’t drag it out for 5 years and most Ch13’s end up getting changed at some point to a Ch7 because of new unforseen financial problems that come along. I know you said before why you did a Ch13 – something to do with your mortgage? We had a first and second and both went under our Ch7 and we kept the house (and the payments on them, of course).

    • Yes, I did it because of the 55,000 second on my condo. I was so underwater and with that hanging out there, it was just never going down at 8% interest and a huge payment. So I had to do something drastic to correct my situation. I wish a 7 would have worked but it didn’t help me with that high debtload. It is the only way to get rid of lien. I figured too that if I am going to have a BK on my record I should make it work to the max!

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