Finally. No More Court Dates!




I got THE email from the law office and it states:

“Everything went fine this morning. Attorney will be sending you and exit letter with instructions on where to send your plan payment. Please continue to make your mortgage payment as well, although we will no longer need proof of that every month. Your plan payment will remain the same for the next 60 months. We don’t need your 2012 tax returns.”

I hope what the assistant meant to type was “the next 54 months” because I have already made 6 payments into the plan.

I did not expect this today. I have been waiting so long for those words!  It has been a bumpy ride so far with a 341 hearing and 3 court appearances for my attorney.  One in December, one in February and today.  Months since I started this journey!


It is not easy getting a lien strip.  I don’t care what you hear, it is not easy! There are lots of checks and balances that need to be done first before a judge will approve it!


Some of you already know that only 30% of Chapter 13s are successful!  It’s a true statistic! Doesn’t sound so good does it? It just shows you how hard it really is!

I had to do this, this was the ONLY way I could be out of debt and be at a reasonable housing cost percentage by the time I am 58!  I might even have some equity when this is all said and done and it will really boost my old age nest egg!


The standard percentage is 35% that should go to housing. That includes your mortgage or rent, maintenance, taxes, utilities, and insurance. In other words, the cost of the place you’re living and the cost to actually live there.  Well, with my first and second and HOA, I was way over, more like 55 – 60%.  I would never have been able to get that number down.  Now, in 4.5 years, I will be back to where I should be!  AND I INTEND TO STAY THERE!


I am not saying its going to be unemotional.  I’m not saying the fear or rants are over, (sorry!) I am just saying that I think I can do this.  And I think I am doing it for all the right reasons.  I also think that if this works, it was the best choice for my situation.


Come on with me on this journey, I can do this. I am determined.

As long as there are no catastrophes, I have a good a chance as any!

Here we go!


19 thoughts on “Finally. No More Court Dates!

    • Thank you Sandra, I will be posting every day all that I do to try to get thru this chapter 13. Today I feel a renewed sense of responsibility to be even more frugal and careful. Thanks for coming by and the well wishes!

  1. Congrats and take a well deserving deep breath…ours wasn’t as complicated as yours but it sure nice not having the phone ringing all the time. We will have our 1 year anniversary Memorial Day weekend. 1 1mo down and 25 to go… again, congrats!

    • You must be in a 3 year? I call that great! I know it is hard no matter what the commitment, so congrats on the success so far!! How do you do it? Do you budget, are you careful, what is the hardest part for you? Do share if you can!

  2. Thanks! Yes we are in a 3 year….In the past year we have gone through such a wide range of emotions from “woohoo we are “rich” lets go spend money (which we did for 1 month), to “oh crap” we need to hoard money in case something breaks or DH needs another surgery (cause we have no credit). My biggest part was the spending because I was the non spender for the 13 years leading up to the BK while DH was the spender. Now he is much better than I am because I still feel “cheated”. It wasn’t my debt but I still had to joint file. Because he is self employed we have never really been able to figure out a budget but now we are trying to live on my salary and bank any money he happens to make. We have also learned that neither of us can be trusted with extra money so after bills are paid and a budgeted amount for food and allowances are taken out in cash the rest goes into an ING/CapitalOne360 account. I hoard food and he likes gadgets. We live very simply, drive cars with over 100000 miles but will treat ourselves to McDonalds dollar menu a few times a month. Our debt mostly came from medical, living on CC’s when DH couldn’t work post surgeries (17 to date), and non reimbursed work expenses because he was willing to go anywhere just to work. Sorry so long…I could write about this experience all day…
    Question for you… you know when the BK trustee starts disbursing monies? So far we haven’t seen any sign of it and we have a creditor that we believe is double dipping (a business card that they refused to allow us to file on yet they showed up on the disbursement list).
    Patti in CO

    • Hi Patti, I wanted to respond to you brieflly, yes there is a way to see who is getting what Nd when. As soon as I use the tools I will post more but you can check them out. The first would be your best bet: and that is free. I think it depends on if trustee uses it or not. The next tool is I think for a sm fee you can view your case. I plan to check these out soon and post. Let me know what you find out! Good Luck

  3. Yay!!!!

    Keep moving forward.

    For what it’s worth, my BK prof said that most BKs fail because people who could not live in their normal salary can’t live on the reduced amount that they are allowed in BK. Also, people get into trouble if a water pipe breaks, they need a new roof, or they need a new car. The unexpected expenses cause people to fail.

    Good luck.

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