It Doesn’t Seem Fair


That is all I’m saying about that!

In other news… I didn’t sleep a wink last night (wound up tight) but I still got up and got to work and had enough energy for my hike at lunchtime!


It was a warm walk!


Almost rattlesnake weather! 


They run this hood in the summa!


I will warn ya when I post pics of them.  I KNOW!

What is this thing?


It looks like a cattle contraption of some sort!


I’ll find out and let you know.

There used to be lots of cattle round these here parts.  When I first started working here you could not walk out here unless you were gutsy.  They are long gone now.  I miss’em, but at least I got trails to hike.

I have to show you this.  It’s random, but… yesterday someone dropped off a jar of this stuff in the lunchroom for the taking:


We all do that.  If we buy too much of something, it winds up in the lunchroom for someone to take.  Or if we buy something we don’t like… you get the idea.

I snagged this!  It looked good.  And with Triskets, it’s awesome!


And you don’t have to refrigerate it. 


And… ah hem…. the price was right on this jar!

If you go to Trader Jos, get some. 
Way less fattening than Peanut Butter and really sweet.   If you like that kind of thing.


I want to thank you all for the best wishes and supportive notes.  I really appreciate it because as you might know, I am in this alone and you are my BK Support team.  I’m glad you are here!

I made it thru the last few months and yesterday and now I am just going to keep schlogging and blogging my way thru this! 

Thanks for being here. 

*See* you tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Seem Fair

  1. I was rooting for you when you were so nervous about your final court date. Anybody who stands on the front porch crying after her daughter was away only five days has my full support! What a wonderful image. Rah Rah you can do this journey!
    Best wishes from Best Bun.

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