My Patio Space

Hello!  After my morning coffee and a few minutes of relaxing I got my daughter on board to do something to the patio.

So we headed out to some garage sales.  I was looking specifically for patio items, pots, soil, etc.  I was pretty lucky.  I found a few pots and a cool little stand as well as some mosaic stepping stones!

My kid got busy painting one of the pots white and I also had her paint the rocks we already have white as well.


We think white will work best, you’ll see why!


We bought some daisies! 10.00 for 2. That is the stand I picked up for 3.00!

(“Daisies are the friendliest flowers, don’t you think?”)  Name that movie!


So picture the daisies in that stand with a white pot.  Pretty!

Here is what this side of my patio looked like this morning:


Not bad, but lacking any color!

So I picked up a patio Buddha!  29.00


And this is what that side looks like now!


I added a geranium to an already existing mosaic pot that we had.

I told you I have some succulents, I have these two hanging ones and they are both thriving!


This reminds me of pearls.  They are seeding right now and don’t always have those fuzzies on them.


And I have these that are kind of sparse and sad.


So I took some out of a hanging plant and combined them.  Lets wish them luck because, I kill these off so fast!



That looks better.

Now, I also found these two clay pots for a buck a piece. I just had to buy some saucers.  4.00, they cost more than the pots!  I added herbs to one and daisies to another!


I added Thyme, Pet Grass, Mint and Rosemary.  I hope the kitties will enjoy the pet grass. 8.00

I bought a mixed pot of flowers for the hanger, 11.00.


Okay, this is one corner that needs nothing.  I love this corner.  The ferns and the tree just work for me!


Now here is where I complete over did it.

Under this cover is a seat.  The seat had very old cushions.  Moldy, gross and unusable.  I won’t even show you!


I spent 25.00 a piece and replaced them.  I looked around and found these at Rite-Aid.  The guy said to come back tomorrow with the receipt because they might be 50% off.  I will go see!


Then I added a storage space for the cover, 25.00


Just fold up the cover and there you go, it also doubles as a plant stand.  I am so happy to have this.  Last year, every time I took the cover off, I had no idea what to do with it!

I added some baby breath to that mosaic plant, 1.99.


But this is my favorite addition.


I think tomorrow, when we get the daisies planted in the white pot and the white rocks lined up next to this Buddha, it will be done.

Our patio is ready for summer!  $142.00.   I am so not happy about that but I decided to put off my hair and grocery shopping this week.  I will move some things around and so I will make that work.

I want to paint the bistro table, as you can see it is not real wrought iron, but I still like the size and want to make it last.  I will start looking into a solution for that.

Oh.. I have to show you these!


I picked these up for $5.00 at one of the garage sales today.  They will add more color to our patio! They haven’t even been opened!

So there you go, the patio is basically done.  Now we have a nice space to spend time this summer!


We just have to add our daisies, rocks and clean up and we are done!

I better get out there and cover up that new seating area!

See you tomorrow!


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