Ugly Truths & Other Stuff…

Happy Sunday!  I cannot believe the weekend is gone, well, almost gone so quickly.

The first thing I did was head to Weightwatchers this morning.  Still at goal. Tomorrow, I can finally, officially cancel my membership and become a FREE lifetime member!  YAY!  You have to be at goal for 6 weeks and I have missed a week here and there that has made spread it out over too much time!

The second thing I did was head back to Rite-Aid and they gave me back 13.00 and some change.  I had to take back the cushions, return them and then repurchase.  But for 13.00 I thought I better.

We also put our patio together.  I think the daisies look very nice in the pot:


The herbs look like they are enjoying their new home!


The Buddha is surrounded by positive rocks.  They are yellow and not white, I’m fine with that.  I was thinking I’ll go over the words in a darker color and wipe it so they stand out more, someday.


Now for some ugly truths. 

My shower head is old and really awful.  I decided to try to clean it.  It would be just my luck to buy one and then hate the spray.  Even though this is old, I really like it.  So I decided to clean it.  I am not going to show it to you… that is just not going to happen.  You’re welcome.

Use 1/3 cup baking soda mixed with one cup vinegar:


Pour them together and they fizz:


Then wrap it around your shower head.  You should leave it overnight, but I just left it a few hours.


Sorry about the ear plugs, they were the closest tie thingy I had!  Trust me, everything got tossed.

After that, I scrubbed it with green scratcher pad and it came out much better.  Still very old, but way cleaner!


That works!  It was really bad, this is a  maj improvement.


My next ugly truth and trust me, it’s ugly.

I have a very small condo. TINY!  I have tried to put the litter boxes in every room and the only space that works is in the back of the condo, which happens to be my room. 

I KNOW, it is so gross.

But bare with me, I got an idea.

This morning I laid down a carpet and put the boxes on top, then I got out this:


Remember when I bought that tape to put together the runners in my room?  I’m so glad I have it.  I used it to shorten the curtains in the corner where the boxes are.  I just don’t want them to get dirty and stinky!


I plan to put a room divider in front of them so that I don’t have to see them.  I think it will really help.  I have a feeling the lady across the street is going to be selling some at the community garage sale in a couple weeks.  I’ll tell you how I know soon.


I left them different lengths because when the divider is up, you won’t be able to tell.

The second thing I did was changed the  litter brand.  Did you know that this stuff:


This stuff is made out of silica?  I think that means glass.  It’s horrible.  It gets dust everywhere.  I hate it, not only does it make a mess, but I breath it.  While I sleep!!!!

I have an ionic breeze, I suppose I will put that back up too!  Now I am transitioning my pets to this:


Its completely natural walnut based and there is hardly any dust.  I feel like  the room is 200% cleaner already.  REALLY.  I am a nut about scooping and keeping it clean but this really helps me. 

My life is no where near glamorous friends!  Not even a little.  Well, in my dreams and sometimes while I am sipping coffee and getting lost on the internet!


Today since I did so much to the patio, I can’t put much in the 52 week challenge:


8.00 for this week!  Maybe next week I can do better.


We stopped at the library today and picked up a movie:


My daughter has never seen this and I talked her into it.  If you have not seen it, rent it!

BK NOTE:  I got a couple letters from my lawyer today.  I can’t wait to read them, not until my kid goes to bed.   Will let you know what they say tomorrow! 


Have a wonderful evening.


5 thoughts on “Ugly Truths & Other Stuff…

  1. I only use clay litter for my cat, I HATE the scoop stuff – it does get everywhere & it’s messy & I don’t think my cat even likes it. So I buy the Walmart brand – it works for us. I’ve never seen the brand you have – did you get it at a pet supply shop?
    I LOVE What About Bob!!! So funny!!!

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