Stress Headache

I have THE WORST headaches lately.  Last week it was like someone was taking an ice pick to my brain. 


I kind of think it’s from medication that I’m so lucky to have to take daily, and I also think that stress plays a major factor.


This morning I woke up with it still pretty bad.  I called in.  I don’t do that often. So, when I do, you can bet –  it’s bad.

I took my kid to school, came home drank coffee and took some Tylenol.  I can’t take anything else.  Within a few hours I was actually able to get up and move.  Coffee helps!

Most of the time if I  get better, I go to work.  I figure a half day is better than no day, but not today. 

I want to try to alleviate some of the stress.  So here is what I have been up to since I felt a little better.


  • I went to the bank and dropped off a bit of money that I had for groceries and didn’t spend.  Put that in my checking account.
  • I took back the movie from last night.
  • I got some blood drawn per my doctor telephone conversation this morning.  I called and he said it’s time for tests.


  • I called Weightwatchers and changed to  Lifetime Membership and they refunded me a month, 42.95! That was unexpected
  • I called in a prescription for something else.  Don’t you love getting older.  Thank goodness I have insurance.


  • I went to to see who claimed what on my BK.  Not completely filled out yet. More on datacenter another time.
  • I started my auto pay for the Trustee Payment


I got an email from the law office informing me I have to take my 2nd Credit Counseling class.   Hello, didn’t I already do that?  I called the place I took the classes and they sent me the certs/proof and I forwarded that to the attorney.  That was added stress!!!  What if I had to go thru that again, it was a couple hours.

I am resting this afternoon and hopefully, I will feel better than I did this morning when I go get my daughter than when I dropped her off.   So far so good.

*see* you soon.


2 thoughts on “Stress Headache

  1. Ugh, healing thoughts to you. I used to get those SOOO badly – I’d have to spend the whole day in bed. That’s when I was a SAHM – when I went back to work 3 years ago I prayed I wouldn’t get those too often. Knock on wood, I haven’t called in once for a headache – I don’t think I’ve had many at all. But I will never forget what they feel like!!! Take care!

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