Cat Space

Hello there! I feel back to normal since I made it to work today.  I love being at work!  I hate being at home during a work day!   However, sometimes you just have to listen to your body and rest.

I got a wonderful surprise today, just now as a matter of fact.  Remember when I told you that I think I know where to get some screens for my room in this post?

Actually, here’s the cat scoop. 

I have a pretty obnoxious HOA and they don’t allow any kind of barriers on the patio, at all!  There’s a new lady who moved in across the way and she put up a couple of screens.  I knew it was gonna be short lived. When they came down I thought maybe she would put them in the garage sale the community is having in a couple of weeks (you should see my pile I am saving to sell) and I planned on being the first one out when she set them out!  Ya Ah  Ah!!! 

I saw her yesterday and told her how sorry I was that the HOA did that.  They did it to the previous renters and it kind of irritates me, they look nice!  But anyway…I asked her if she still had them and if she wanted to sell them, cause I was interested. 

She told me they are her sisters and she wanted to ask her first.  Well, tonight, just now, I was sitting here and here she came with one of them.  She gave them to me! 


There are two! I am not sure this is where they are going to stay and I might actually paint them white!  I think I need to arrange or make them more secure.  Any ideas?  The cats will probably knock them down a few times until they get the idea!  Probably even try to use as a scratch post.  But hopefully not!


But see???  Now you can’t tell that the curtains are shorter!  And this gives me the first time in years since I haven’t had to look at a little box!  YaY!

I can get my glamour back NOW… oh wait, I think I see something on the floor….


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