Saturday Stuff

Happy Saturday!

Today the tutor came, her first Saturday!  Since STAR testing is coming I want my kid to have more time with her math tutor.  It was a great start.  BTW… my kid is working on her book report right now!  YES!

After the tutor left, we got out and did the Lake Walk, it was getting warm even then and is now hot!  I can’t wait until they open the pools!

While my kid was busy I took care of these:


You just couldn’t see the design or the words, so I just grabbed the first paint color on the shelf and did them up:


I think they are cute!


Random alert:  I rinsed of some strawberries and check out this little gift!


A perfect heart!  So weird.

As you know, I am really budgeting this weekend but I received this reimbursement from my insurance company, and over pay.  I can add some of that to my 52 week challenge tomorrow!  How are you doing on yours?


Its not much, but it gives me something more to work with!  Thank you very much.

We picked up this movie from the library to watch this week, have you seen this?


I had to order it.  My library doesn’t have it, but so worth the wait.  If you haven’t seen this you have to.  I laughed and I cried and I always do.  The best acting!

I love anything and everything with Diane Keaton anyway.  I am a huge fan.

Off to dinner at a friends tonight, who live by the 99 cent store.  I need to pop by and pick up some terracotta pots.  I didn’t grab one and we need a do over on the one we bought for the daisies.  Its too small.  So tomorrow, might incorporate that into a project!

Enjoy your evening!


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