Cutting it REALLY Close

Happy Monday.  I hope.  If you are reading this, it’s a good day right?  Your healthy enough to sit up and read, or at least read!  😉

Yesterday I shared this awesome recipe for the Veggie Swirl.

I grilled some of the squash for lunch, it is so much sweeter this way.  Just use some Pam, that way you don’t add calories.


Do you have an indoor grill pan?  You have to get one, it makes everything taste better. 

My grill pan is sad.  See, it gets really black and its warped, but it’s all I have right now.  I have to keep my eye open and budget for a new one.  Someone gave me this one.  Any suggestions for a  good, inexpensive one?

I saved the rest of the rest of the veggies and that’s a good thing, because the weather looks like it is going to get cooler and I can turn on the oven sometime this week. 

More on that awesome, beautiful recipe soon.

I needed to pick up a few things at the store yesterday.  I had a list, but I didn’t stick to it.  I saw some things on sale and some things I wanted…. Yeah, I picked up things I WANTED.  Ugh.

Okay, back to my point.  Before I went into the store, I counted the money in my wallet, I had exactly $33.00 in bills.  I had some change, but didn’t count that.  I knew I had to pay cash, no debit!

When I got up to the check out… guess what my total was?


Once I donated the change it came to EXACTLY $33.00!

The monies in my checking account is spoken for.  Payday is not until the 1st, but all my bills are paid.  The only thing I think I might want to pick up is some Juice for my daughters breakfast but I think I can actually EEK out enough change for that.

Why am I not super depressed?  For some reason this is not bothering me!  I can live knowing I don’t have money in my wallet.  The only thing that bothers me is the thought that something might happen and I don’t have any $$$ for that emergency. 

Ah… but I do.  I have a very small amount leftover in my coffers and plan to build it back up as soon as I can.  I took a huge hit from the tax bill!  Heavy sigh.

This is a really close week.  I mean, I have to last until next Wednesday! 

OH MY GOSH, I just remembered, I am having a garage sale on Saturday!  How bout that!  That will help stretch to payday as well AND give me something for 52 Week Challenge.

I think I need to learn to plan a little better!  Ya think?

See you tomorrow with a TV series and a couple of movie suggestions I know you are going to HEART!


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