Feeling The Pinch!

Well, as you might now, I was “approved” for auto payment of my plan to the trustee.  I’ve been making my plan by the 2nd of each month via money order and I was so afraid that I would mess things up I sent the May payment via a money order,  as instructed to do from my attorneys office and you know what…  I didn’t have to do that!   They’re gonna take out the May payment AGAIN on the 20th!

I called to see if I could get it back, maybe a refund?  Nope!  The Attorneys office said that it will shorten the plan. BULL!   I don’t think they are right about that either.  I think they will apply it to the balance like they do tax refunds or they’ll refund it at a successful discharge – in…ah.. 2018


However you look at it, it is money I don’t have and could have used to live on, pay bills and just make life $400.00 easier!


I borrowed some money to get me thru and will pay it back next week.  I’m also having the garage sale on Saturday, so that will help.

Where there is a will there is a way!


This month is National Poetry month and my daughters teacher invited us to come and hear some readings.  I couldn’t go empty handed but as you know, I don’t have any money for gifts.  This is proving to be one of the hardest parts for me during this BK.

I took the books back to the library and I remembered seeing these little books and thinking they were cute.




I put in a thank you card and this little pamphlet with a bookmark to make it clear these were bought second hand.  $1.50 to be exact!


A bow and viola, gift for teacher.


I think it is important to show appreciation.  I know that these days are hard, not just on me but on a lot of people.  I have to think that this might brighten her day.  If not, she can donate it back and someone else will enjoy it.  It helps the Friends too. Do you have a Friends of the Library where you can donate/buy from?


I started painting this heavy duty box.  I need to do some creative stuff before I go cRaZy. 


Not sure where I will go with it, but probably some kind of collage.  Then I have no idea what I will do with it! 

Will share my daughters poem as soon as I can.  The kids did a great job!


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