Black’s the New White?

The garage sale was a success!  But more than once I witnessed my neighbors go from their own sale to the neighbor’s sale across the way and lug something back, doing the walk of shame.

So actually, things just traded one garage for another.

Ahem… like this stuff!

For my daughters room.

My girlfriend’s mother painted this cute night light for Halloween…as well as…


These.  I had to have them.  I adore them, look at their curly little tails!  They sat there and finally I said, I gotta have’em!  So I rescued them and gave them a home on my patio!

This water container is great and I will love having it this summer!  I have a pitcher but it doesn’t hold much!

I think this is White Agate.  Love it.

Okay, I have an idea.  See this little table?


It is actually an old fashioned telephone table for a hallway.


The little table underneath is for a phone book.  I think it is A.DORABLE and its made from a really good maker on the east coast.  I got it for a steal.

Here’s my idea.

Paint it white!  The lady I bought it from said “OH NO, DON’T WRECK IT!”  Then more people said, no don’t do that!  But then a lady came by that actually sold furniture and said.. YES PAINT IT.  But she said BLACK is the new WHITE

I don’t want to paint it black.   I want to paint it white. 

So that will be my new thing, find cute little things, paint them, resell them and maybe make some $$$.  I might even paint some things black.

It will keep me busy, give me a few bucks and I will love it.  What do you think? 

Is Black the new white?


6 thoughts on “Black’s the New White?

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