Decoupage & Painted Jars

I found these cute jar projects on Pinterest.  Imagine that!  Anyway, I got busy!

I ripped up some old clothes  instead of buying material and I used old jars from around here, of which I have many.! 

Actually, I have three fun and easy projects to show you today. 

First, the small jars:

I ripped up some old clothes and made some material to work with.


I ended up with some pretty patterns.


Then I got the jars washed, and cut up the scraps to fit the jars.


You are going to get your fingers messy!


But it is fun!  Here are the two I did today with this method.  I am not finished, they need to be cleaned up on the outside.  I’m also going to leave the scrap hanging over the top of the rim.  I like it.


I’ll  show you them with a candle and all cleaned up next time. They need to dry completely.

Then I got busy on my next project.  I need a tall jar for all my paint brushes, so here it is.

I used a material flower cut from my material and then I decoupaged it inside the biggest jar.


I wasn’t sure what color, but today was a pink day.


I actually like it clear, but I wanted to try the painted method.  You just pour the paint in and swirl it around and then dry it upside down.


There is a lot of paint that comes out, so I poured that back in the bottle.

Now for my third and final project.  Remember when I painted this box white not long ago?  I pulled it out and decided to finish it while everything was drying.


So I got busy with yes, pink paint!


I had to figure out what to do with that bad spot so I just hot glued on this flower.


I think it added a little something!

So there ya go, my busy day. 


I needed a creative day.  I mean, I know I am not a Picasso, but I do love these moments.


I will be making many more of these jars!



On another note, I had to put an I.O.U. into my 52 Week Challenge today.  But I will make it good!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


6 thoughts on “Decoupage & Painted Jars

  1. So very pretty!

    I wish I had your skill at crafts. My house would be so much cheerier. 🙂 (As it stands, I just count on the cat to class the place up and add some personality.)

    • I wish I thought of my kitties as classy. They sure think they are, but I think they are messy! You probably don’t have to share a room with yours! 😉 Know what I mean?
      Glad you like the jars! So easy! Just start saving some material and jars and go for it!

      • The litter box is in an entry way to my room – a 6 by 8 foot mini-room right outside my bedroom. Besides, my cat wears a tux. 🙂

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