Planes, Candles & Broomsticks

Okay, not really broomsticks, but it just sounded so good.  Planes, Candles and Projects just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Let me explain.  Yesterday when I was at work there was a huge commotion of sirens and traffic.  I knew something had happened. 

Then later I found out that two planes almost collided, one made it out of the incident okay and the other, sadly, did not make it.

The one that made it out ended up two blocks from my condo, on the golf course.  I took this pic today.


It’s getting towed off.  It was weird.


I made these little candle votives a couple days ago and tonight I wiped all the glue off and lit them!


What do you think?


I really like them. I see Christmas gifts on the horizon for next year!  Start saving those jars (um…more my case)!


Now for my next project.  Maybe even this weekend.

I bought three of these pictures months ago at a garage sale and stored them in the …garage.  They are supposed to be a triptych or something. 


(I took it to work today to ask my boss what kind of wood it is, so I can figure out how to prep for paint.)

I’m not crazy about them, but for $15.00 for all three, I loved the framework.  They’re really lightweight and I saw something in them.


I actually used them during the garage sale as a shelf for my shoes!  😉 

Since I’m hoping to start painting things to make some extra cash I thought about these! 

They might look great painted lighter colors and then I could use some corkboard in the middle or even some chalkboard paint. 

Then I could sell them!  I cannot wait to see what these look like painted!

Is it Friday yet?


3 thoughts on “Planes, Candles & Broomsticks

  1. I learned a new word today–triptych. The framework is lovely and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    It’s so sad about the plane that didn’t make it out of the incident okay. At least it didn’t hit any buildings.

    • Hi Sheryl, that came from my art appreciation daze! No buildings or bystanders were hurt, only the people in the small plane that crashed by my office.

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