While some of the country is still experiencing snow, Minnesota!   We are under fire!  Literally!


Isn’t this insane?


Seriously, I have seen so much worse though.  I have seen it look like… Hell.  I mean, we get a weird orange glow, actually tonight I bet there will be one in that direction. 


It’s ominous and creepy!

I like to hide when the Santa Ana’s blow and the fires start.  I hope that everyone fighting them stay safe.

I am going to use my jar project as an excuse to hide. I came home and got busy.  But this looks kind of washed out, don’t you think?


And also a brown jar I am not crazy about.


Here are the four I have finished so far, and you know what?  Meh… not so much!


I think with a little rope or ribbon they could be “cute”.  But I needed this:


Color and lots of it!!!!


So I headed to Joann’s and got me some!


Now I am going to make some pretty little sets! 





Okay, now I feel better!  Bright, Cheery and Pretty! 

I needed that! 

Did you know you can go to the app store on your iPhone and download a coupon app from Joann’s?  Well ya can! 

Have a wonderful evening and wherever you are and whatever kind of weather you are dealing with, stay safe!

I have to get busy!  A friend of mine is letting me sell some jars at her booth at a fair!  More later!


8 thoughts on “I Need COLOR!

    • Thanks Travis, I think today really helped put that out… it is much better. There is still Ash on my car! Reminds me of Mt. St. Helens in May of 1980 living in Oregon when that went off! Whew!

    • I have a friend that lives there and I cannot believe the weather. Its so weird all over the place!!! One day, 90 the next rain! Sheesh, I can’t keep up.

  1. Hope the fire doesn’t damage a lot. I am with you– I am ready for some COLOR, and I’m really enjoying the blue skies and bright flowers popping up everywhere. I like your jar collection.

    • Thank you Tanner, I can’t wait to see how many I can sell at the craft show. Its actually going to be an Alpaca Open house, more on that later! Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog, such a great job you are doing!

    • We had so much rain last night, all I could think of was those freshly burnt hillsides and the chance of mudslides, but on the flip side, So Cal is so dry, we needed it!

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