Pinterest Pics – Refresh

Hello!  I must have slept TEN hours last night.  I just could not get up today!  The air quality is getting better here, so  went for my walk.  I needed that.

Later today, I’ll be getting as many jars done that I can.  I actually went to Wallmart and bought some.  I just couldn’t get any off  Freecycle or the Thriftstore.  I found a few, but not enough.

So that is what I am doing, staying in now and playing jar gluer upper! 

I thought it might be nice to find some Pinterest Pics today (even though I am a day late) that relate to REFRESHING!   So here we go!  Let’s REFRESH!

This looks like a great way to refresh!  If done with soymilk, it is dairy free as well as really WW friendly! 





I so need to do this.  I need to clean out my dishwasher too!  But every time I turn around, I have dishes that need to go in it.  Hmmmm….


“No need to waste money on new towels when you can make them look brand new in a few steps! Start with a washer full of old towels and wash with hot water and one cup vinegar, once the cycle is done -was the towels again with hot water and half cup of baking soda! Once you’re done stick your ‘new’ towels in the drier and be ready to enjoy fluffy and fresh bath or hand towels!”

We cannot have a post relating to refreshing things and not include lemon!


Mmm, I would add a few raspberries!


This is great and a nice way to make gifts!  It’s refreshing in that it is ART!  😉 You print out pictures on tissue paper and then decoupage them.  Oh the possibilities!



Mmmmmm  I think these little balls are so pretty!



On a side note:  I always have NO SUGAR ADDED mandarin oranges in my refrigerator.  They are so refreshing ICE COLD!  Don’t tell but I drink the juice right out of the can! I KNOW!

I love chopped salad, why don’t I eat it more often.  Note to self, CHOPPED SALAD!



Summer is all about BBQ.   I’m all about fruit!  This has my name all over it!



I love this website!  I can’t wait to go back and spend some time!



I want to close with something refreshing for the soul.


See you tomorrow! 


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