Cloudy and Cool!

Thank goodness it is cooler today!  I got up and got my walk out of the way and it was awesome! 


Nice and cool and hardly anybody out there!  Usually, it’s a zoo!

This cooler weather will help the firefighters! 

Then I got busy and finished the jars I’m going to try to sell next weekend.  I have no idea how much to ask, I will probably have to give them away anyway!  😉  Buy one get five!


The glue is almost dry now and they are looking much better than this.  I’m adding ribbon to them as soon as they are completely dry.


I hung out most of the time at home today and cleaned.  I finally got to wash out the dishwasher!  That should make a big difference on the dishes.  It just felt really good to be home! Some days are so nice to kick it alone, putz around and just be!

Got caught up on my 52 Week Challenge!  Are ya in?


I have no idea how much is in there, I don’t even want to count it yet!  I just want to keep putting it in there on schedule if I can!  I keep thinking of the things I can do with it when its done next Easter!   A new door, a new couch, savings for a new tub.  The list is endless!

I don’t have the budget to work on the pictures that I want to paint this weekend, but look what I spotted in an store yesterday.  Somebody decoupaged these flowers on a canvas. 

I wonder if I could find some big prints and do the same instead of chalk board?  


I really love those!

Friday I visited Grandma in Camarillo Springs, right where the Springs fire started and today, when I went to the market this is what my car looks like. AND.. my car is kept in a garage.  Wow!  The ash is horrible!


Now I am in for the night.  Going to just catch a movie. 

Hey, guess what, a friend of mine gave me access to HBO and now I can watch it FREE on my iPad!  Cool!!!!  Now I can see what all the fuss is about Game of Thrones!

I’m in for the night.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend and can take it easy tonight! 


See you tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Cloudy and Cool!

  1. Thanks to your inspiration I funded the first ten weeks of the challenge. Now to figure out the next ten. DS was able to finally buy a small condo. He has 6 months of payments left on his five year repayment plan. you sound like a ball of energy. Myself I think the cat and I will take a little nap.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

    • Best, that is so great about your son! 6 months! Woo Hoo, he must feel like he is done! Five years can feel like a lifetime sometimes!
      BTW, I am so glad you are doing the 52 Week Challenge! That is great!
      Sometimes I am a ball of energy, sometimes a ball of dough! 😉

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