PPO, HMO or Kaiser?

Ideas and thoughts come at the strangest times, right?  Mine usually come right before I’m fully awake;  my mind does this thing where I lay there thinking of a million things, my body is still, but my mind is full speed. 

Sometimes I tell myself to get up – “If you’re gonna lay here thinking or worrying about all the things you have to do, then get your butt up and do something!”

This morning I played the What If Game with myself. 

  • What if I get really sick in the next 5 years?  How am I going to afford the 20% that is part of the PPO plan I’m on now?
  • Then I got in the shower, what if the shower fixtures stop working and I spring a leak?
  • Then I got a cup of coffee, what if the garbage disposal gets too jammed from coffee grounds?
  • Then I put the coffee cup in the (newly cleaned) dishwasher, what if the dishwasher springs a leak and causes water damage down below in the next unit?
  • Then I put the dishtowel in the dirty clothes, what if the dryer vent to the outside catches on fire?
  • On and on and on!

The what if game usually happens when I’m overly tired.  I didn’t sleep well last night, which is not unusual for a Sunday night.

Perspective:  What can I do TODAY to eliminate any or all of those problems or concerns?  Well, there isn’t much I can do about any of them immediately. The condo repair concerns are due to the fact that I don’t have an Emergency Fund: Working on that!

I chose to research the Health Care Plan concern.


At my place of work, you can’t change plans in the middle of the year, the open enrollment is October – January.

I picked up the paperwork from HR to see what advantages there would be for me to switch from PPO to HMO or even Kaiser.


I found this link online that gives 5 steps for choosing.

How to Choose the Best HMO or PPO

I know that I would definitely lose my doctors if I go to Kaiser.  I might even lose them with an HMO.  But for the next 4.5 years, I will have the piece of mind knowing that I have at least mitigated any extra expense that a medical issue for either me or my daughter would cause.

I can always go back to my doctors in three or so years.  If it looks like nothing will go wrong!  Who knows, I might even like the new plan better!

I have to always think about the Chapter 13 and the Plan.   This is the next step to take to ensure this is going to be successful


I’ll start my research by reading, calling my current doctors to see if they are part of HMO and talking to people who use Kaiser.

I have a few months and knowing me, I will make a decision and then shoot holes in it until I make a new decision and then back again!  😉

Do you have PPO, HMO or Kaiser?


5 thoughts on “PPO, HMO or Kaiser?

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for stopping by! Actually I have made my decision! I am going with Kaiser! I decided to because it is way less $$$ out of pocket, they are handy, it is one stop shopping, they are well known to be very up to date with current technologies, there member website is awesome, the have prescription delivery over the internet and the list is endless! Oh and everyone I interviewed loves them!!!! I will do a post closer to enrollment date but I wanted to answer you! I am ppo user too! But I feel really good about my decision! Good luck

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