Birthday Cakes Galore


If I had to choose a birthday cake, I would choose one of these beauties!












I’ll post the link to Pinterest and you can find the source Websites!  Winking smile

I wonder who’s birthday it is today?  Which cake would you choose? 


6 thoughts on “Birthday Cakes Galore

  1. If I were to let my wedding-persona out for a bit, she’s said she has cut most of those cakes (in wedding themes) except the rose ruffles and the one with real flowers covering all of it. The one with stripes uses fondant, and that stuff is very, very pretty, but a nightmare when it comes to cutting, and sometimes ends up crushing the cake. Now, let me go jail that persona back (it’s the start of busy wedding season, and she’s a bit mad already), and to say that those cakes are all very pretty, though I would be more inclined to birthday cupcakes for all intent and purposes. Very cute creations, though!

    • Hi Tanner, sounds like you know so much about these cakes! I stopped by your site and tried to leave a comment from my iPad, but it failed. I wish you all the luck with your move! I will come back with my laptop next time! 😉

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