Alpaca Day

Hello there!  I didn’t post a Pinterest Pics this week but promise to next week as scheduled.

Today was the big Alpaca open house.  Alpacas are smaller version of Llamas.  My friends have them and keep them out at a ranch with a million others. 


They are strange, but my friends love them, and I love their wool. 


They are skittish little creatures and I have had them spit at me, so I don’t get too close anymore, as a matter of fact, I keep a lot of distance.  My kid took these pics!


But the yarn is amazing.  Amazing and expensive!


My friend makes so many cool things.


Scarves too:


I love her work.


She also makes these cute balls.  She added some wool and you hang them outside for the birds to come and take some to make their nests!  I bought one.


My friend did quite a business, but unfortunately, my jars kind of just sat there.


But that’s okay.  I will end up selling them at a garage sale or giving them away!


They also had a band and some BBQ going on.


Before I go for the day, I want to share these roses with you.  The other day Vons sold a dozen for $10.00. 


When I bought them, I thought, they will never open, but OMGosh, this is the nicest bouquet I have seen in so long!


I think White Roses are my favorite color rose!  So elegant!

So with that, I want to wish you a Happy Mothers Day for all you moms out there!

Have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Alpaca Day

  1. Looks like your friend is quite talented with alpaca yarn. I’ve never met one of these animals in real life before but remember seeing it on Modern Family once and thinking, is that a llama? lol, now I know. Happy mothers day 😀

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