Time to Break Out the White

Happy Mothers Day!


I received some unexpected flowers! 



Well, it was 100 degrees here today so its time to put away the black and break out the white!


I love this style purse as you can see!  I have had these bags for a couple of years already and plan in keeping them for quite a few more.  Its nice to change them twice a year!


Its a great time to clean out the bag!   Hello Summa!  I know most of you have a bunch of bags, but I just have these two and it works for me for.  I mean I have some Fun bags, but these are my go to bags!

This week found me short again, so I had to make myself an IOU for my 52 Week Challenge, but I made it a big one!


Next Sunday I will make that right!

How are you doing with the challenge?

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


6 thoughts on “Time to Break Out the White

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